Accomodation & Prices

Our accommodation consists of 6 air-conditioned studios with kitchen and cooking utensils, refrigerator, wi-fi, telephone, balcony with view and a small play area.

Our studios are: 1 studio that sleeps 4

                             1 studio that sleeps 3

                            4 studios that sleep 2.

Surrounding the “Athina rooms” is our organic garden with olive trees, fruit trees, vegetables and also a chicken house and a rabbit house.

Our guest house has been recently refurbished with amenities to offer a comfortable and relaxed environment, while the owners will always be ready to help make your stay enjoyable.

Room Rates

The charges remain the same throughout the year.

    • 4 beds

    • 3 beds

    • 2 beds

    • 55 euro

    • 45 euro

    • 35 euro

Room Amenities

All our rooms have:

⦿ Aircodition

⦿ Internet

⦿ Phone

⦿ Refrigerator

⦿ Kitchen and cooking utensils

and also have a balcony with views of the forest and sea and a small play area for kids.

Agritourism activities

Together with Mrs. Athina who is responsible for our family unit you may join in the preparation of traditional dishes. If you enjoy farm work, you may join in picking organic vegetables and fruits according to season, and in help other farm work .

Autumn/ Winter farm activities:

Picking olives, oranges and tangerines as well as cabbage, broccoli, beetroot, lettuce and potatoes.

Spring farm activities:

Picking ‘kritamo’ and a variety of wild greens used in a many traditional dishes:

• Kritamo (Crithmum maritimum), growing in seaside areas, is a plant used since ancient Greek times. Hippocrates used it for medicinal purposes. It is aromatic with many health benefits as it contains among other, vitamins E, C, K, minerals, antioxidants and omega-3 oils. It can be consumed fresh or be used in cooking. If you like, you may make pickled kritamo with Mrs. Athina and enjoy it all winter long.

• Spring is also the season of picking a variety of greens, known as “horta” that grow abundantly in a various habitats. These are being used traditionally in Greece and tastes vary from sour to sweet to bitter or salty. They are a tasty and healthy food, but when picking them one must be able to distinguish them, of course with the help of a local.

Summer farm activities:

Time for picking apricots, figs, grapes, pears, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, zucchini and aubergines.

Boating/ Fishing: You can also enjoy boating and/or fishing on our traditional boat, at a small cost.

Κράτα το

"A Unique Agritourism Experience for all the Family on the Beautiful Island of Samos"

We are a small family unit located in the seaside community of Agios Nikolaos, 6km east of Karlovasi town - Samos Island

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We are a small agrotourism unit
offers six rooms in the seaside community of Agios Nikolaos
in Karlovasi Samos


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Agios Nikolaos, Karlovasi town - Samos Island

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